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1 thought on “About”

  1. Megasolipsist

    Around two hours ago I sent the following email to Joel Duff:

    Re this blog thread:

    I have just sought to make the following further response to Chuck as shown below, as you appear (whether deliberately or accidently) to have blocked a previous reply to him that I submitted:
    “As I also sought to mention to Chuck on 3 May in response to his post at 3.39 pm on 2 May (but I cannot see the comment anywhere on my screen) I know that he is not a young earth creationist but the young earth creationists are clearly worried about feathered dinosaurs pointing to unbiblical evolution and they ALWAYS deny that they were feathered eg as happened with Yutyrannus huali. Again yes, findings from genetics do indeed confirm the validity of evolutionary theory and Francis Collins would know and say so if that was not so (I read ‘The Language of God’).”

    Please could you clarify whether you are blocking my comment and, if so, the reason for doing so.


    Ashley H-R”

    In the meantime a new comment of yours HAS appeared under the blog, timed at 8.18 am on 4 May. Whereas my comment still has not appeared, nor has the email so far been answered (I know that Joel is busy).


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