Well, now that I’ve got the long, arduous process of finding an available name for my blog, I can get started on it. After going through randomramblings, randomthoughts, ramblingthoughts, newwriter, aspiringwriter, writersblog, authorsblog and all sorts of variation on those, I got so desperate I tried IJustNeedAName.

That was also taken.

The main reason I am writing this blog is, as an aspiring writer who’s currently 22,000 words into a novel, it is a great way to air my thoughts and get some things straight in my mind. On a side note I managed to get 42,000 words into a novel for the Black Library, only to then learn how small that publishing company is and that they don’t accept new writers.


I will use this blog as a way to jot down ideas and my general thoughts, and if anybody actually reads these ramblings then they’re welcome to comment on it and give me some feedback. As long as you’re nice. I have tender feelings.